Bulimia Treatment is Available Near Phoenix, Arizona

Bulimia Treatment is Available Near Phoenix, Arizona 2017-01-17T01:45:12+00:00

Eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa can wreak havoc on your life and how you feel about yourself. Quite often, individuals with this type of eating disorder suffer in silence for years before they reach out to get the help they need. Many times, eating disorders stem from much deeper, traumatic issues, and professional therapy is the best way to address these issues to facilitate healing.

Perhaps you’re someone who has struggled with bulimia, and you’re looking for a way out. Eating disorder treatment near Phoenix, Arizona offers you the best chance at getting free.

Understanding Bulimia Nervosa as an Eating Disorder

In some ways, anorexia and bulimia are very closely related. In both cases, individuals have a distorted body image. Bulimics generally eat large quantities of food in one sitting, but they do it in secret. Afterwards, they attempt to purge themselves of that food through forced vomiting. Some bulimics will use diet pills, enemas or laxatives too. Bulimia can quickly become an intense and dangerous cycle that feels impossible to escape.

Serious health problems can also result from bulimia, including:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Pancreatitis
  • Tooth decay and cavities
  • Heart problems or even heart failure

Finding Freedom from Bulimia Nervosa Through Treatment in Phoenix, Arizona

Professional eating disorder counseling can give you the tools you need to heal from bulimia. Here at Empowerment Treatment & Counseling, we understand your need for therapy that is non-judgmental, gender-neutral, body focused and non-diet focused. We’re located in Glendale, Arizona, near Phoenix, which makes our office very convenient.

The right kind of eating disorder treatment works by considering the circumstances that led to it. Once those issues are brought into the light, real healing can begin. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder like bulimia, we’d like to help you. Please contact us.