Take This Eating Disorder Questionnaire – Find Out the Truth

Take This Eating Disorder Questionnaire – Find Out the Truth 2019-09-06T16:27:30+00:00

Do You or Don’t You Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are serious types of disorders but they can also be hidden to health professionals. The problem is that if they aren’t diagnosed before it’s too late, then it truly can be too late. You could die from eating disorders. If you look at all the mental disorders together, the one with the highest death rate is anorexia nervosa. The death occurs from either starvation or suicide.

There’s not just one cause of eating disorders. Psychiatrists believe that many factors play a role in the causes, and that they include behavioral patterns, biological, social, psychological and even genetics.

Check each question if the answer is Yes. You might also decide to print out the questionnaire and then physically see the checked answers on the page.

Eating Disorder Questionnaire

1. Do you eat food at times when you aren’t hungry?

2. Do you ever eat food or meals in secret so no one can watch?

3. Do you eat low calorie and high calorie foods without feeling
any guilt?

4. Do you weigh yourself several times a day?

5. Do you have definite rules about eating that you follow
religiously, such as never to exceed a calorie level for a meal
or for a food?

6. Do you always seem to fail when on a diet?

7. If you overeat, do you feel relaxed?

8. If you overeat, do you use laxatives?

9. Do you use diuretics to control your weight?

10. Does your breath smell like vomit at different times during
the day?

11. Do you exclude certain foods from your diet for the purpose of
keeping your body shape the same – or achieving an ideal

12. Would you say your appetite is normal?

13. To control your weight, do you vomit?

14. Do you hide your body shape with baggy clothes?

15. Do you notice that your teeth are discolored?

16. Has your dentist commented on the loss of enamel on
your teeth?

17. Would you say that you have controlled your weight?

18. Do other people in your life comment about your eating

19. Do you ever feel shame about the large quantities of food
you eat?

20. Do you alter the amount of food you eat to match your
weight needs?

21. Do you alter the amount of food you eat to change your
body shape?

22. Do you fast for time periods greater than 8 hours to change
your weight?

23. Do you believe that you can influence your weight or your
body shape if you have an empty stomach most of the time?

24. Do thoughts of your weight and body shape make up your
thoughts during a good portion of your day?

25. Do you notice any type of swelling on your face in the jaw area
or near the cheeks?

26. Has the hair changed on your arms and legs to a longer type of
soft hair?

27. Do you want a totally flat stomach?

28. Do you feel fat?

29. Do you feel as time goes on that your muscles aren’t as strong as
what they once were?

30. Are you afraid of gaining weight?

31. When you feel full, do you continue eating until you get sick?

32. In the last 3 months, have you lost 15 pounds or more?

33. When your friends and family say you are too thin, do you
think they are ‘crazy’, and that you’re really fat?

34. Are the majority of your thoughts about food?

How to Score Yourself on This Eating Disorder Questionnaire

Now count up your checked Yes answers. Remember that this is a self-quiz, not a diagnostic questionnaire. You won’t be diagnosed by taking this questionnaire. You’ll need a health professional for a real diagnosis. The scoring is based on the number of checked answers you have:

0-8 If you have eating disorders, they’re in the beginning stages. Becoming aware of a lot of these clues of eating disorders is good in many ways. It can help you insure you don’t progress to the point where you are diagnosed with them.

9-15 You are already showing eating disorder behaviors. Now is the best time to get some help. There are many different eating disorder treatment centers you can choose from. Start with a few, check them out, ask the sensitive questions that you absolutely need answered, and then do some soul-searching for the direction to go. Many facilities have a variety of services to choose from and you may not need a full-fledged inpatient treatment program at this point in time.

16-34 It’s time to make a call to an eating disorder treatment center. They are waiting for your call and their staff will walk you through the process. Get as many answers as you can right now, and then decide on which facility will be your abode for a short time frame, the time in your life when you overcame this health issue. It can be done, and you can do it. Many people have already overcome eating disorders and your time is now.

Call Us at Empowerment Treatment & Counseling

At Empowerment Treatment & Counseling, we have therapists who are specifically trained to work with with those who have been diagnosed with eating disorders. We counseling and therapy. We’re located near Phoenix/Glendale, Arizona.

By identifying the emotional basis of your eating disorder, you can begin to learn to manage the emotional roller coaster and enjoy a more peaceful and productive life. Your individualized treatment program is the key to your success in overcoming your eating disorders, and we can help you. Let’s go through the journey together. Give us a call today!