Eating Disorder Treatment Near Phoenix, Arizona

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Is Emotional Eating an Eating Disorder?

Emotional eating is defined as when a person uses food to soothe emotional difficulties. This is something a lot of people do, and while occasionally eating because you’re feeling sad or upset isn’t necessarily a problem, it does become a problem when you do it on a regular basis, and when there is a compulsion to eat excessively present. At that point, emotional eating can be characterized as an eating disorder, but it’s something that can be overcome with the right type of professional treatment and counseling.

Is Emotional Eating Taking Over Your Life?

Maybe you suspect that you’re an emotional eater, but you’re not really sure. There are a few signs you can look for to determine whether emotional eating is a temporary issue you can correct, or whether it has progressed to become an eating disorder. These include:

  • Depending on food to regulate your emotions
  • Experiencing a compelling feeling to overeat when you feel stressed or depressed
  • Having obsessive thoughts about food when you’re stressed out
  • Eating food even when you’re not hungry
  • Feeling as though you’re not able to stop eating emotionally

Counseling for Emotional Eating Near Phoenix, Arizona

Many people don’t realize that professional therapy for emotional eating as an eating disorder can help to stop these compulsive behaviors. Here at Empowerment Treatment & Counseling, we offer help for individuals and their families who struggle with emotional eating. You’ll find that ours is an environment that focuses on positive body image. We’re gender-neutral, non-judgmental and non-diet focused. Our goal is to find out what the root of your eating disorder is, and then help you heal.

Empowerment Treatment & Counseling is located in Glendale, Arizona, near Phoenix for your convenience. If you’d like more information on how we can help, please contact us.