Phoenix, Arizona Eating Disorder Help

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Are there Good Options for Eating Disorder Treatment in Phoenix, Arizona?

Yes! Empowerment Counseling & Treatment Center for Wellness is located in Glendale, Arizona (metropolitan Phoenix) and we have therapists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders as well as other mental health issues.

What Type of Treatment for Eating Disorders Can I Find in Phoenix, Arizona?

There are a few options for those seeking eating disorder treatment in Phoenix, Arizona. The first, is individual counseling, which involves weekly or bi-weekly meetings with a therapist to address your needs. Another option is outpatient eating disorder treatment in Phoenix or Glendale, which involves group therapy, family therapy and individual therapy combined.  Lastly, there are inpatient treatment options for eating disorders in Phoenix, which involve checking into a secure facility for a period of time during your treatment.

What Qualities in an Agency Should You Look for When Seeking Treatment for An Eating Disorder in Phoenix, AZ?

There are several questions to ask before choosing a practitioner, hospital or agency who works with eating disorders. We would recommend asking the following:

  1. What are your licenses and credentials?
  2. What eating disorders do you specialize in working with?
  3. What is the cost of your eating disorder program in Arizona?
  4. Will the eating disorder treatment in Arizona be covered by my insurance?
  5. How will you assess what level of care I need for my eating disorder?
  6. Will I be working with a therapist and nutritionist? If so, how does this work?
  7. How will my health be monitored during treatment?
  8. Do you believe in body positive approaches?

Warning: Be careful about seeking treatment for your eating disorder from an unlicensed therapist or coach. Seeking treatment through a diet or physical training professional is not recommended, as this could exacerbate your current condition/disorder.