Substance Abuse

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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is the diagnostic term for persons who have been unable to control their use of chemical substances such as alcohol, prescription pain medication, anti-anxiety medications or other mood/mind altering substances (up to and including street drugs such as marijuana, or heroin).

SUD can be mild, moderate and severe. Both mild and moderate levels of use are successfully treated in individual and/or group treatment. Severe use generally requires initial medical detoxification and 24 hour supervision with follow up care being individual therapy. Counseling addresses the ill effects of misuse of alcohol and other substances. It has been publically declared this country is in the midst of what is being called “an Opiod Crisis” as there have been thousands of reported deaths due to misuse and overdoses of these harmful medications.

The effects of SUD is not only on the person with the disorder but also impactful on family and friends of those struggling to recover from SUD. Counseling for SUD provides recovery support services for individuals, couples and families to help establish and maintain abstinence from further use as well as assist in developing coping skills to live a balanced, happy life without substances.

Individual SUD counseling is for those who are seeking recovery and not requiring medical detoxification or medical supervision. The effects of SUD is not only physical. It is psychologically impactful causing guilt, shame, fear,  loss, anger and resentment.  Through proven theories (CBT, DBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, psychoeducation and practical exercises) individuals can heal and learn to return to living a happy balanced life drug and alcohol free.  Loved ones/families too can heal while learning how to cope and stop enabling ongoing dysfunctional behaviors of addicted loved ones.

At ETC SUD counseling is offered as both a starting point and step down care after long term treatment (such as IOP). It is provided by a fully independently licensed (LISAC) therapist with more than a decade of experience in treating substance use disorders.  Sessions consist of building, strategies for coping mechanisms to manage life challenges such as stress, anxiety, pain, while remaining substance free. Additionally emphasis is placed on identifying triggers and developing tools for relapse prevention. Clients will explore HOW to live a life of recovery verses why this happened to them. The focus of SUD counseling is to move forward and support the rebuilding of living a healthy, balanced life with self, family, friends, and community. Together with our team of licensed professionals we can address co-occurring disorders such as trauma, depression and anxiety for both adults and children.

In addition to individual sessions ETC offers group sessions for professionals in the AZ Board of Nursing CANDO program. Future group sessions will be offered for those who prefer the power of group therapy.