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In order to meet the growing necessity for treatment of eating disorders, you and your organization need to be well-equipped to deal with eating disorders along-side co-occurring disorders. The stigma attached to this disorder often prevents clients from self-disclosure, requiring practitioners to be more aware of the intricacies for assessment. Whether eating disorder treatment is something you want to add to your practice, or if you want to grow your staff’s skill and confidence level, allow us to help you.


  • Therapeutic and nutritional principles to address eating disorders, trauma, and addictions
  • Workshops compassion fatigue and techniques to prevent burnout
  • Present case study reviews to enhance treatment strategies
  • Staff development and team building amongst professionals
  • Bring awareness to professional’s counter-transference and how it influences treatment
  • Help professionals to recognize personal philosophies about nutrition, self-disclosure, and boundaries
  • Integrating the skills of all members of the treatment team


  • General education about eating disorders including sub-clinical eating disorders
  • Hands on experientials for eating disorder clients including: psychodrama, group therapy, and nutritional challenges
  • Helping clients to self-monitor therapeutic and nutritional challenges through ego states work
  • Trauma resolution work
  • Treating the client with eating disorder and addiction and when to refer
  • Treating Binge Eating Disorder without dieting and being able to confront the diet mentality
  • Metabolism and eating disorders/disordered eating
  • Integrating 12 steps with eating disorder clients
  • Mindfulness eating techniques
  • Engaging family in the treatment process
  • Curriculum Development