How to Use the Body Positive Idea To Facilitate Your Recovery

How to Use the Body Positive Idea To Facilitate Your Recovery

There’s a new movement occurring across the nation, including in Phoenix Arizona, that may affect you. It’s one that has been suppressed for many years. Luckily, some brave souls have stepped out of the mold to bring a new aspect of healing to light.

It’s called body positivity, and basically, you’re given permission to love your body no matter what size you are.

Being Shamed, Shunned and Neglected in Phoenix Doesn’t Have to Happen Anymore

For many years, those that were overweight or obese have been shamed to the point where they can hardly stand to look in the mirror. What they see in their reflection is someone that is unhealthy, someone that looks ugly, and someone who is not worthy of receiving good things in life.

Health practitioners have been supporting this bad idea for decades, blaming overweightness and obesity for a number of health disorders that affect the nation. The list of disorders includes diabetes, high blood pressure, polycystic ovaries, high cholesterol, joint problems, back problems and even stomach disorders. Their reasoning is that studies prove that being obese is connected to being unhealthy.

Many health practitioners in Phoenix Arizona and elsewhere even go to extremes, attempting to address a patient’s overweight condition when the patient did not come in for weight loss.

Consequently, the patient ends up being hit with overwhelming feelings of frustration and depression, which plug into his or her neurological pathways contributing to eating disorders, yoyo dieting, self-loathing. What this means is that the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings is ‘fed’ by the establishment.

The Media is Part of the ‘Collusion’, Thus Contributing to Eating Disorders

Of course, the media is constantly programming us all to be thin and beautiful and to fall for the myth that only those who meet these requirements are entitled to everlasting happiness.

What about you? Have you noticed negative ramifications from this type of ‘attack’?

What would happen if you suddenly changed your whole paradigm and simply started loving yourself, no matter what the number is on your scale? This is the whole idea behind the Body Positive Movement that fosters total body acceptance.

And it’s catching on. Women in Phoenix Arizona and other major cities in the U.S. are realizing that they really can feel OKAY with their body – and this does them some good.

Body Positivity Now Has Research Behind It

One researcher, Harriet Brown, has even documented how science, history and culture drive the obsession with weight in her book.  The central theory behind it is called Health at Every Size or HAES. This idea is basically that you should forget about reaching a certain body size and go for what works for your body.

And it makes a lot of sense. In fact, it brings up the fact that modern medicine really likes to treat everyone the same way – and ignores individuality. Insurance companies are geared towards physicians only treating patients one way, and doctors are chastised for thinking outside the box and/or going beyond medicine’s stymied view to really try to foster health transformation.

As a result, the alternative medicine movement has risen in power and social standing among patients of all ages.

There’s even a nonprofit association dedicated to the Body Positive movement, which may be found at The charity’s co-founder, Elizabeth Scott, is even offering an upcoming two-day training for health professionals on May 13-14, 2016 to initiate body positive campaigns across the nation via the community and in schools.

According to Ms. Scott, boosting body image is based on five core competencies:

  1. Reclaim health.
  2. Practice intuitive self-care.
  3. Cultivate self-love.
  4. Declare your own authentic beauty.
  5. Build community.

Results from an additional research study done at Stanford University on the whole model is expected to be released later this year.

So think about this body positive concept today. Why not give up society’s standards and move into a new time where what’s important is YOU?

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